Welcome to the website of Karen Brooks!

Hello! Thank you for dropping by. My name is Karen Brooks and I'm an author, columnist, journalist, academic and social commentator. So far, I’ve written eight novels and one non-fiction work, that’s nine books! I’m currently working on my tenth – an historical fiction. I write weekly for Brisbane’s Courier Mail and my column, which is an opinion piece, appears every Wednesday in the “Viewpoint” section. If you'd like to read some, please click here. I not only love writing books, I adore reading them and I do this voraciously and then review them – most genres. My blog features not only some social commentary pieces but also many book reviews, so please browse through them if you’re looking for something to read – and please don’t hesitate to recommend good books to me!

This website is both personal and informal; it tells you a bit about my life, my family, my writing and me. It showcases a range of my work. I also have an Official FaceBook “Fan Page”, where I upload my columns, interesting news stories, funny photos, share updates about my books, popular culture, family, friends, writing and talk to other like-minded (and not) fantastic people. If you’d like to join in, I’d love to have you. Click here. You can even follow me on Twitter if you like your conversations short! I am asprob on Twitter (Karen Brooks and all variations having been taken). The website also has a range of links to some of my favourite blogs and sites and even a gallery of photos.

Where I do my my wiriting.

Where I do my writing.

Finally, there are also details for contacting me – whether it's through my publisher, my speaking agent (if you would like me to present at your conference, function or school) or for emailing me directly. Whichever way you contact me, I look forward very much to talking to you. So, please, come in and browse!